Chef Fabio Borsi has extensive experience cooking in various establishment and private residences all over the world, but his passion for excellent, fresh homemade dishes is still the same as when his love of cooking was born.  Watching his Nonna prepare delicious dishes sent Chef Fabio on the quest for the same culinary excellence.  After learning the ropes in several prestigious restaurants in Italy, Fabio relocated to Melbourne, Australia where he worked as a head-chef in a number of Italian restaurants,  including a 2-hat restaurant (2 Michelin star in Europe). After several years in  Australia, Chef Fabio was called to Montreal, Canada, where he managed yet another Italian restaurant. Working internationally and sharing  knowledge with many different kitchen staff made Chef Fabio realise how much he loves teaching.  His passion is about sharing the magic of simple, soulful Italian cookery he learnt in his Nonna's kitchen, with modern touches in flavour combination and presentation which Chef Fabio developed while working in the high-quality catering industry.